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Plenary Sessions

PL-1-1Cardiology game changers 2022Jacqueline JozaDownload PDF
PL-1-2What's up in HTN - 2022 updateSheldon TobeDownload PDF
PL-1-3MAID - What is your role as non MAID providers? David DannenbaumDownload PDF
PL-1-4CHF 2021 guidelines update Nadia GiannettiDownload PDF
PL-2-1Common GIM consults that could be avoidedLuc TrudeauDownload PDF
PL-2-2Gastroesophageal reflux diseaseSerge MayrandDownload PDF
PL-2-3How to outfox Big Pharma: Providing the best diabetes therapies to our patients at a lower cost to societyJean-François YaleDownload PDF
PL-2-4The evolving role of insulin therapy for type 2 diabetes over past 30 yearsTina KaderDownload PDF
PL-3-1 A virus we can treat: Treating Hepatitis C in the office Vanessa PasztorDownload PDF
PL-3-3Before you send them home…Informed discharge - lessons from the CMPAJanet NuthDownload PDF
PL-3-4Mending the broken heart after COVID-19 infectionThao HuynhDownload PDF
PL-4-1Breast cancer screening in average and high risk patients in 2022Stephanie WongDownload PDF
PL-4-2Indigenous healthAlex McComberDownload PDF
PL-4-3Vaccine Up-date 2022: will the new technologies introduced during the pandemic change the vaccine landscape?Brian WardDownload PDF
PL-4-4Birthmarks - When should I worry?Fatemeh JafarianDownload PDF
PL-5-1Are we managing menopause differently in 2022?Cleve ZieglerDownload PDF
PL-5-2Rheum for the “whole” patient: An opportunity for collaboration with primary care Michael StarrDownload PDF
PL-5-3Sports medicine pearlsJ. Scott DelaneyDownload PDF
PL-5-4Hematuria pearls: Tell me something I don't already knowTiina PodymowDownload PDF
PL-6-1Antibiotics - Shorter is betterTrong Tien NguyenDownload PDF
PL-6-2Doctor, my child snores like my husband. Is that a problem?Sheila Venkatarangam JacobDownload PDF
PL-6-3Appendicitis in Children: Have We Figured It Out?!Sherif EmilDownload PDF
PL-6-4Right patient, right target, right time: Radiologically-guided Injections for pain managementMohan RadhakrishnaDownload PDF
PL-6-5Pediatric asthmaChristine McCuskerDownload PDF
PL-6-6Melanoma vs. pigmented lesions (A practical approach)Beatrice WangDownload PDF


A-1-ECG interpretation for the FP officeJacqueline JozaDownload PDF
A-2-C-CHANGE guideline update 2022: Bringing together Canada's CV focused guidelines Rahul Jain & Sheldon Tobe Download PDF
A-3-CKD and cysts: Where two worlds meetIrith LebovichDownload PDF
A-4-Lipid guideline 2021George ThanassoulisDownload PDF
A-5-Controversial cases in thrombosis - The clot thickensCarolyne ElbazDownload PDF
A-6-Migraine toolkit 2022 updateRobert AltmanDownload PDF
A-7-Get inVulvedSamantha BenloloDownload PDF
A-8-Dying to help: Pearls for symptom control for the non-PC physicianJean ZigbyDownload PDF
B-1-Incidentalomas - When to be concerned?Luc TrudeauDownload PDF
B-2-Interactive case studies in type 2 diabetesJean-François YaleDownload PDF
B-3-Insulin pumps 101Tina KaderDownload PDF
B-4-Approach to early cognitive impairment in the officeFadi MassoudDownload PDF
B-5-Celiac disease and other malabsorptionsYidan LuDownload PDF
B-7-How the pandemic has affected the mental health of adolescents and how to prepare for the longer-term consequencesPerry AdlerDownload PDF
B-7-How the pandemic has affected the mental health of adolescents and how to prepare for the longer-term consequencesBanafcheh HejaziDownload PDF
B-8-Tough cases of lower urinary tract symptoms - latest therapeutic optionsPeter ChanDownload PDF
C-1-Alcohol use disorder and withdrawal- how to help my patient in the clinic setting Vanessa PasztorDownload PDF
C-2-Clinical and palliative management of end stage CHF and COPD: dyspnea, despair, and "don't know what's coming, doc."Justin SandersDownload PDF
C-3-Iffy about Mife? Improving access to medical abortion in family practiceSamantha CoganDownload PDF
C-4-Safe prescribing during pregnancy and breastfeedingSilvia DuongDownload PDF
C-5-Down but not out: Mental health disability management in the new ageFiore LallaDownload PDF
C-6-An approach to wound care - From diagnosis to dressingsMark KaranofskyDownload PDF
C-7-Challenging patient encounters: Communication and documentation tipsJanet NuthDownload PDF
C-8-Meno - Metro - Oligo: A simplified approach to abnormal uterine bleedingMy Lan GrazianiDownload PDF
D-1-Updates on breast cancer pathology and treatmentStephanie WongDownload PDF
D-3-Am I walking the cultural safety path as a family physican?Alex McComberDownload PDF
D-2-Travel vaccines: infections - including COVID - that can make a trip particularly memorableBrian WardDownload PDF
D-4-Immigrant health - Practical pearls for your practice!Lavanya NarasiahDownload PDF
D-6-Hip clicks, in-toeing, bow legs, knock knees, flat feet – Who, (if any) should be referred?Thierry BenarochDownload PDF
D-7-Caring for transgender and non-binary patientsRachel BondDownload PDF
D-8-Sunscreens: Why, what, how? Fatemeh JafarianDownload PDF
E-1-Troubleshooting biologics: What the GP should knowMichael StarrDownload PDF
E-2-Treatment resistant depressionDaniel ZigmanDownload PDF
E-3-Seeing back pain in the officeJ. Scott DelaneyDownload PDF
E-4-ER Procedures for Non-ER Docs: Managing the airway, placing a chest tube, getting into the circulationH. Mitchell ShulmanDownload PDF
E-5-COPD: Who does, and does not, benefit from triple therapy?Pierre ErnstDownload PDF
E-6-Counting Heffalumps: Insomnia in the elderly (a geriatrician’s POV)Wendy ChiuDownload PDF
E-8-Community management of pediatric eating disordersHolly AgostinoDownload PDF
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